Forum Thread: Old Ladies Only? Addressing the Stereotype

A few months back, I was contacted by a male who thought I should be marketing crochet DVD's to little old ladies in nursing homes. That was his pitch.  It was a serious inquiry because he wanted to include some of his video work on the DVD as well. 

How old were you when you first learned how to crochet?  I was 20 when I learned.  I want to get rid of this "old lady" stereotype because anyone and everyone can crochet.  Being a former Army wife, crochet accompanied me around the world and became a friend who was there for me through all times.  As we share our knowledge, I want our next generations, both male and female to feel that they can do this at any point in their life.  Crochet is NOT just for "old ladies".

How to do you think the stereotype got started?

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2 Responses

Most of us were taught by our mothers or grandmothers, both of which we considered to be "old ladies". I was five when my mother taught me knitting, crocheting, tatting etc. and I thought she was ancient! Now I'm past 75 and my last project for one of my children was a set of Angry Bird (plus Pigs) bean bags. The above child is 50 and he doesn't consider me an old lady.

The 'little old lady' stereotype is rather out-dated in my opinion. I'm 21 and I crochet. I've also taught my boyfriend (same age as me) and my 10 year old sister to crochet. It's a fun hobby and why should old ladies get all the fun?

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