News: Recycle from Clothing

Recycle from Clothing

If you have old clothing that is going to be thrown away, check it thoroughly to see what you can recycle.

  • Save the buttons. They work well for eyes or decorations on your crochet projects.
  • Pockets and zippers may come in handy as an embellishment.
  • Some clothing may have unique designs that can be sewn on to a crochet hat or afghan.

This is a great way to stretch your crafting budget. Please share your ideas on what you recycle and use with crafting.

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I use old jeans to join pieces for picnic blankets or fabric to make whatever desired. I use the cut off seams as straps, securely joined together end-to-end as ropes or crocheted with a large hook. I use the waist to thigh area cut away as bags/purses. Or I cut out the fronts and back and sew them onto "fabric" in making totes and they become the pockets. I crochet with cotton yarn hems and seams to enlarge denim clothing that otherwise would be cast off. Then I make flowers and other embellishments for the item. The possibilities are endless.

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